What are PADmaps?

PADmaps are an easy way for software developers to notify the software download sites having their products listed about available PAD files on their sites. In its format, a PADmap is a plain text file that lists all PAD URLs for current site (one URL per row) so that download sites can periodically pick it up to add missing PAD URLs to their databases.

You should understand that using the PADmap protocol does not guarantee that all your PAD URLs are added to all download sites automatically, but the more download sites will adopt it, the less work will be required by software authors to promote their newly created software products as soon as they add the new PAD URLs to their PADmap and provide the PADmap location in all their PAD files so that download sites having already listed some of those PAD files can get it to pick up new PAD URLs.

All the required tools and descriptions both for software authors and download sites webmasters can be found on resources page.

All sites adopting PADmap protocol may display the graphic buttons available.

PADmap 1.0 is offered under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0.