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PADmap Kit

All the required tools and descriptions both for software authors and download sites webmasters are included in PADmap Kit.

This set contains 3 files:

  1. PADmap generator script to generate and display PAD URLs list in plain text mode by reading PAD file names in the current directory on your server. Can be used if you host all your PAD files in the same directory on your server and want PADmap to serve as the index of that directory;


  1. PADmap extension for PAD generators supporting third-party PAD extensions (including PADGen) which allows you to specify the PADmap URL inside your PAD files. All you have to do is to place downloaded PADmap.htm file into PAD Generator directory (for PADGen: “C:\Program Files\PADGen”), recreate your PAD files after filling out “PADMap Location” field on new “PADMap” tab and update them on your server;


  1. PADmaps lookup script for download sites webmasters. It is intended to pick up the PADmap URLs from all submitted PADs (one URL per row), retrieve PADmaps and generate the complete list from PAD URLs they contain in plain text mode to send it to your email address, having excluded all PAD URL duplicates.

PADmap Kit is offered under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0

PAD Module for Drupal

Drupal CMS users can use the PAD File Module which lets users enter all the necessary data online, validate the data properly, serve PAD files and PADMap file as required.

Both Drupal CMS and PAD File Module are distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License.